Our Mission

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True Mastermind provides financial education with intent to bridge the wealth gap between people that are given a head start and those placed at a disadvantage. While some were taught the importance of acquiring assets over liabilities and handed down capital tools, others were denied access to those resources. It is time to create an equitable playing field for people who want to leave the rat race, and work towards their economic goals. Through the information and strategies that we provide, our mission is to help educate you on how to put the puzzle of financial freedom together piece by piece. 

 Meet the Founder

Thomas Washington Jr. (TJ), is a Boston Native who grew up in a large part of the city called Jamaica Plain. The young CEO spent his early years watching many of the people in the area struggle due to the high poverty and crime rates. Rather than following similar paths as the locals and peers, Washington used his experiences as motivation to help change the circumstances in his neighborhood. He had always played mock investment games with his mentor, Dr. Joseph Warren, a Northeastern professor, which inspired him to learn more about economics. As Washington entered his adult years and gained more knowledge on these topics, he recognized a large part of the problem in his community was the lack of resources for learning to become financially literate.

Washington attended a small private school known as Merrimack college where he finished with honors; He graduated with a Bachelors of science in business administration. As an undergraduate, he spent his weeks working as a Bank Teller at TD Bank, where he achieved the top sales in credit cards in the entire region for TD Banks, pacing at 2,000%. In 2015, Washington took a position at Putnam investments as an investor service representative, providing information about their companies mutual fund products to individual investors, broker/dealers, and financial advisors; During his time there, he gained experience dealing with Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, 529 Plans, individual non-retirement investment accounts and more.

First semester of senior year of college, Washington was selected to be a part of an elite group that was handpicked from State Street Corp called its Future Focus group. As a member of this group, he worked as a high level functional specialist. Following the completion of his degree, Washington moved on to gain experience in corporate finance at State Street Corp; there he learned more key principles of investing, dealing with stocks and bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, Swaps, Options and other derivatives.

With years of mastery in the finance and marketing fields, the young CEO decided it was time to apply the knowledge he gained in a new area of focus. Understanding the fundamentals of economics and personal finance, and recognizing the need for more fiscal instructions in communities similar to his childhood one, Washington created True Mastermind in hopes to bridge the wealth gap. By combining skills in sales, marketing, technology, over 13 years of investment experience, and financial education, True Mastermind has helped over 500 people maintain a consistent income through investments and trading since 2018. He has courses on options trading, value investing, credit building, technical analysis, and author of Mastermind Investing, focusing on the introduction to the stock market and secret strategies he came up with. His ultimate goal is to help millions work towards financial freedom.