Bridging the Wealth Gap

Through Teaching Financial Literacy

"The goal is not to be successful. The goal is to be valuable. Instead of chasing success, it will attract itself to you."

Thomas Washington, CEO True Mastermind


"The Mastermind course is a simple and effective starter program to educate you and give you the confidence to find the diamonds in a valley of rocks! I went from 0 knowledge on option trading to feeling comfortable in knowing what I am looking for and that was all due to the course and continued support from the creator, TJ!"

Corey Sousa, Massachusetts, USA


"Taking the True Mastermind course was life changing. TJ's not only a teacher, but a mentor, someone who truly looks out for you as a friend. Taking this course prepared me to not only invest but to invest properly. He teaches you how to analyze and asses all investments before pulling the trigger. He breaks down all of his knowledge and experience gained throughout the years to give you a simple product that can be used by anyone."

Kyle Oliveira, Massachusetts, USA


"Since learning from TJ, I grew to understand the market a lot better and came out of his course with a better knowledge of what I'm doing and what to look for when dealing with companies. Highly recommend!"

Skyler Saddow, Massachusetts, USA


"I'll be very straightforward here, this class is one you will not want to miss the opportunity to take. I know you've heard that spiel probably 100 times over. I cannot put it in a simpler way. That is not to say that you can instantly become a genius. It still takes time, effort, and dedication but what you are getting here are the best and easiest tools and directions to learn how to use. Along with fellow classmates and a coach that's well worth whatever the costs and then some. When I put in the time. I get results and its simple as that. I feel very confident in my direction.

Sergio Perez, Massachusetts, USA

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